how correct principles magnify business success

Supporting The Ministry of Business

Read Reviews by business and educational leaders who endorse The Ministry of Business and its' principles.

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Rulon Stacey

PhD, FACHE; CEO of Poudre Valley Health System; Author of Over Our Heads

“In my business career, I have concluded there are two forms of education critical to professional success. The first comes from what you learn in school, and the second begins after you graduate. The life lessons learned through many years of experience are what molds a young professional into a seasoned and wise leader of people. The Ministry of Business condenses years’ worth of experience into one concise read. I encourage anyone who wants to be a successful leader to accelerate your life years ahead by reading this incredible book.”

J. Lawrence Richards

President of LDS Business College

“Success in business is governed by our individual definition of success. This book helps develop a wise definition, and then provides practical advice on how to achieve that success.”

Dr. Max L Checketts

Vice President of Academics at Brigham Young University—Hawaii

“I love a good story that motivates me to change and to improve, and The Ministry Of Business does just that! By providing the knowledge and motivation necessary to launch yourself into a future of leadership and service, this book offers a great step toward finding long-lasting happiness.”

Mark Tingey

President’s Council at Brigham Young University—Idaho

“The teachings in this book are simple, yet profound and universal. Your life will be blessed as you apply these principles to your personal and professional activities.”

Moses Armstrong

Owner of Essential Foods, New Zealand; Director of Launching Leaders in Auckland, New Zealand

“I endorse the marvelous concepts found within The Ministry of Business. Having had experience both living and teaching these concepts, I can attest that they have already changed the lives of many, whether young or old, college student or budding entrepreneur. I will be forever grateful for the changes these concepts bring into the lives of all those who embrace them.”

Wallace Dudley

PsyD; Clinical Psychologist

“I found this book to be an exhilarating read. Steve and James have passed on powerful principles for life that they have learned from both mentors and the experiences of living. I was so impressed that I have begun to apply these principles to my own life, with careful attention as to how I might be an effective mentor to others. I highly recommend this book as a powerful tool to achieve a clear, values-based life plan that impressively integrates healthy personal desires with spiritual direction, all while recruiting and utilizing wise mentorship. It’s about the synergy of principled interconnectedness, and it’s a total package for success.”

Mike Leonard

Executive Professor of Marketing at Monfort College of Business, University of Northern Colorado

“The Ministry of Business outlines a powerful formula for success in business and in life. Steve Hitz reveals the secret: never separate the two. Live by the same correct principles in your business and personal life, and you will experience great success!”

Richard Ball

Managing Director of Anytime Fitness New Zealand, Ltd.; Managing Director of Yafa Plus, Ltd.

“The principles so well expressed in this book are always true, regardless of the country, market, or hemisphere in which you live and work. I unreservedly recommend this book to anyone who wants increased happiness, contentment, and success.”

Craig Nelson

Vice President of Advancement at LDS Business College

“To the degree they are applied to your life, the powerful principles outlined in this book can have a dramatic impact on your personal development and business success. The easy-to-understand approach of The Ministry of Business provides a road map for a lifetime of development.”

Elia Gourgouris

PhD; President of LDS Coaching

“The powerful spiritual principles which are shared in this book will bless the lives of all those who apply them. For small business owners, entrepreneurs, CEOs, and industry leaders, this book is truly a must read! In a clear manner, The Ministry of Business integrates spiritual and business principles which can guide one to achieve success in every aspect of one’s life.”

Jay Seymour

LDS Area Employment Manager of the Pacific Area

“The Ministry of Business could not be closer to the truth when it comes to helping those who wish to be successful. My only regret is that I did not discover these simple steps when I was younger. I wholeheartedly endorse this book to all those who wish to ‘make their mark’ in this life.”

Mark Iodice

Like many young adults, I lacked guidance on how to achieve my financial goals. I also struggled to understand how I could reconcile my faith with my vocation as an attorney. In the ‘The Ministry of Business’, I learned that ethics and financial success are not mutually exclusive—one can always strive to serve a higher power whether that be in the workplace or at church. More importantly, the book gave me a moral and financial compass in the murky waters of life.

Jennis Lawrence

MBA; National Training Manager Mauriora, Auckland, New Zealand

"With all that life throws at us it is often within our own four walls and within our own family that the eternally significant dramas of life occur. As a parent, teacher and a leader this book has given me "SANITY with a SMILE " ….in providing a framework and a road map that can effect the Legacy I leave behind …One of Faith in the face of Adversity , Hope in times of Challenge, Love to replace Despair , Service in times of Struggle …..and the Determination to Make A Difference………

Janna Ames

Success and Life Coach

"Reading the Ministry of Business magnified for me the power of living correct principles and the importance of mentors, exemplars and teachers in our lives. I have known Steve and Ginger for over 30 years. I’ve watched the transformation of their lives as they implemented The Formula for success and followed the counsel and example of wise mentors. It is clear that their surrender to universal laws summoned tangible and discernable results from an eagerly generous universe of endless opportunity and resources. I can best compare their rocket speed into the stratosphere of successful entrepreneurism with the cooking methods of a microwave and a crock pot. In the Ministry of Business, Steve & Jim outline the microwave method to prosperity and abundance. Anyone who follows this counsel will microwave their progress to reach their goals. While not observing The Formula and not surrendering to the wisdom and experience of a mentor will cook your progress in the slow-cooker method to reach your goals and dreams, if you have that long to wait. I can testify from personal observation that I have seen the miracles and serendipitous events appear in their lives that proved they were operating on an accelerated level of existence and opportunity. The outcome is simply exhilarating and breathtaking. Thank you Steve, Ginger and Jim for allowing us to peek inside the workings of a masterful approach to business, and for giving us the tools and confidence to accelerate our goals from paper wishes to thrilling realization!"