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Janna—Loveland Colorado

I want to take the time to express gratitude for the gift of your inspiring book. I found it so insightful. It resonated with truth. It caused my soul to awaken to the dormant potential I feel inside.

Bob—Fort Collins, Colorado

I have purchased your book and love it.  I referenced your book in my last two Ethics classes.

Leandro—South America

I was a student in a class you taught in LDS BC last spring semester. I've had the opportunity of reading your book and wow! It was one of the greatest reads of my life.


Just a note of gratitude: Thank you for writing this book it…. I'm committed to live by the principles contain within it, and really look forward to experiencing the consequences of doing so!

Chris—SLC UT

Love his book. Great insights.


Although I have never been much of a reader (other than assigned reading in school, technical manuals and magazines) I have very much enjoyed reading your book. More so, I must admit that I was totally immersed in the lessons and your stories, perhaps because I see a parallel between your journey and ours.


I did finish reading the entire book and it is terrific.  My wife is now reading it.  We are having some great discussions. There are so many individuals and couples that can benefit from what you have written and what you are doing with Launching Leaders.

Matthew—Ghana Africa

Just finish reading TMOB for the first time and intend to do it as often I can….. Is a great book to read over and over.

Tom—Philadelphia Pennsylvania

I would highly recommend the teachings in this book. People of all faiths will greatly benefit from the powerful principles reviewed in the book for a successful personal and business life. There are many examples noted that will motivate the reader to do great things in all aspects of their lives.

Jensen—Washington DC

This class helped me get out of a rut and I've loved the book and principles taught in both.

Michael—Washington DC

Other books such as Good to Great had good points, but this is the first book where I feel its 100%.

Matthew—SLC Utah

It is an easy read and very well done.  I particularly liked the tribute you made to your grandfather and father at the end of the book.  That gives me a clear indication of the motivations in your life and the type of man that you are.  I also drew great strength from the chapter which discussed getting your spouse equally yoked and involved in your passion.

Michelle—New Zealand

Just wanted to let you know that we love your book.  Kylie took our copy and in order to read your book I have purchased another as she is hanging on to it and loving it We so appreciated the time you spent in NZ and also for your input into Launching leaders.  It is a program that has certainly helped our family gain not only more knowledge but confidence to keep trying and to give things a go.

Dan—New Zealand

I purchased a copy of your book tonight and have just finished reading Hyrum's forward, Ginger’safterword and some of Steve's bits in between. It is a timely reminder of what I studied earlier and what I heard you both teach last year at the end of graduation #3 at CCNZ.  Thank you both for your service in sharing your experiences with us. If you ever wonder if you are touching people's lives and making a difference, you are - and for that, thank you.

Quentin Daniels—New Zealand

First i would like to thank you for sending me a copy of The Ministry of Business, and also for the wonderful contribution you have made by getting this book published. Second i would like to thank you for how inspiring the book is. I only received it yesterday and i have only read the first two chapters, but your words have already helped me as the position you found yourself in are similar to the positions i am finding myself in at the moment. Your faith and courage inspires me and i am so grateful for the privilege and blessing that is to know you and to associate with you.

Yi-Han Wu—New Zealand

Initially I thought I'd have a quick glance then read it at a later date as I'm reading a couple of other books at the moment. But then as I read a few things here and there, then I decided to just start it,... I started yesterday after work and I finished it tonight. I love it, essentially everything LL taught and with some extra insights. I loved reading about your story and your journey and one of the things I loved seeing repeated was that there are no coincidences. I am still absolutely flattered and honored that you would quote me in this well put together piece of work, believe when I say, thank you!

Mike—Fort Collins, CO

The book was an interesting read that made me reflect on my own experiences. I think that applying spiritual principles to business is an important topic. With my educational background in physics and engineering, I tend to come at it from a different direction, but the conclusions are the same. Gospel laws seem like physical laws to me (like gravitation). Ignore them in your personal life or in your business life at your own risk. Jump off a high building and you will win the race to the bottom, but at what a cost. Apply Gospel laws correctly and your business is far more likely to succeed. Even more important, build a personal relationship with God and he will be a partner in your business and guide you toward success. He is the true mentor in our lives. I enjoyed your book very much.

Jennis—New Zealand

It was great to meet you both when you came to NZ and we had breakfast at Moses' home; and to hear you both speak at Launching Leaders Graduation. THANK YOU so very much for the book! I couldn't put it down! I couldn’t stop reading it! I laughed ...I cried...I remembered and I DREAMT !!! I am renewed and was so excited that I told my ex-husband ( they live down the road) and my oldest son ( who lives in Idaho Falls) I have already leant your book to my ex-husband and his wife and have invited them to our Inaugural meeting and BOOK LAUNCH ( so they can buy their own It was so great to read of your challenges and learnings and to recognize the hand of the LORD in the process.....YES ....Faith and Forgiveness is a biggy! The book makes so much sense.”