how correct principles magnify business success

Meet The Authors

Get to know Steve Hitz and Jim Ritchie, the authors of The Ministry of Business.

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Steven A. Hitz

Steven A. Hitz, along with his wife, Ginger L. Hitz, founded US–Reports, Inc. in 1988. Since then, the company has grown to become the largest, uniquely structured corporate footprint of its kind, providing loss control, premium audit, and risk assessment services to over 500 insurance companies. In 2010, US–Reports became a member of The Kaufman Financial Group, the world’s largest independent insurance broker. Steve still serves as CEO of the company.

Steve has long been passionate about working to achieve business innovation, and has surrounded himself with an astute team of gifted minds and hearts. In an effort to share this passion, he and Ginger are charter members of Launching Leaders, a career training and personal development program that has successfully graduated more than 200 students since its inception in 2011.

Along with their continued involvement with US–Reports, they continue operating other businesses involved with the banking, real estate, and farming industries. Steve and Ginger are the parents of three sons and two daughters, and they have five grandchildren.

James W. Ritchie

Successful entrepreneur and executive James W. Ritchie has established himself as a prominent leader and teacher in the world of business. In 1969, he founded Ritchie Enterprises, LLC, before going on to create, lead, or advise a number of other profitable and successful business ventures. In 1989, Ritchie served as Senior Vice President for Franklin Quest (now FranklinCovey). Since then, James and his wife, Carolyn Orton, have served in various councils and leadership positions at Brigham Young University, Brigham Young University– Hawaii, and Southern Virginia University. They have also served around the world in various volunteer capacities. James and Carolyn have eight children and 38 grandchildren.