how correct principles magnify business success

The New Zealand Experience

In New Zealand, hundreds of lives were changed by the birth of a new program called Launching Leaders.

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Jim Ritchie's Formula For Success

Learn more about Jim Ritchie's famous formula for success that he developed and mastered 50 years ago.

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The Basics of Financial Success

Financial success can be attained much easier than you probably think. It is as easy as 1-2-3.

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Personal Constitution

Any journey will be a failure if you don't know where you want to end up. A Personal Constitution will help you on your path to success.

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Divine Guidance

One of the most underutilized tools in business is divine guidance. Why do so many people neglect it?

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The Importance of a Mentor

Success can never be obtained alone. Mentors can be by your side all along your path to success.

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Giving Back: The Ultimate Goal

We should not seek to be successful to benefit ourselves, but to lift those around us who are in need.

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Mothers Can Have the Greatest Influence

As a mother have you ever thought, "How can have a positive influence on my child's future?". We have the answer.

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About the Authors

Steven A. Hitz

Steven A. Hitz, along with his wife, Ginger L. Hitz, founded US–Reports, Inc. in 1998. Since then, the company has grown to become the largest, uniquely structured corporate footprint of its kind, providing loss control, premium audit, and risk assessment services to over 500 insurance companies.

In 2010, US–Reports became a member of The Kaufman Financial Group, the world’s largest independent insurance broker. Steve still serves as CEO of the company.

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